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This is my MSN for fans:

I`m so sorry but I`m very busy for webcam or microphone!


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FairyFashionRxD 8 September 2011  
This is a MSN?! LOOL =]
MeTheBestGirl 3 March 2011  
U're So Funny
Isn't a MSN!
It Is A Yahoo!
therealselenaisxSelenaxGomezxReal 29 September 2010  
you cannot give us webcam and microphone b`cuz you're not miley!!
xItsAGirl 9 September 2010  
mileyishere 8 September 2010  
hey fake........... i'm miley..not you
RonnieTheLastSong 6 September 2010  
Thank u<3!
DemiLovatofan01 5 September 2010  
thx miley
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